Logic archetypal and not! Basic elemental logic. Elemental, Watson my friend - Sherlock Holmes!

Logic archetypal and not! Basic elemental logic. Elemental, Watson my friend - Sherlock Holmes!


Military Intelligence 21st century year 2017.
Advanced logic.

-. No man even whatever degree of a mad man is an island. If one man can do it all, or a small or big group, how do you always have one or two insiders on the good side?

-. If all else fails, then what or this and that.

-. Would full conventional equipment, radio towers, manned drones, ocean communication platforms, etc. finally win?

-. Uncomunication is an asset. How to proceed and not go full blown end of game procedures? Verification methods are the keys, and unverified procedures are a must.

-. Never believe or take for granted in the best or more powerful always winning. Sometimes evil wins. What would be the back up recovery though bitter, measures and procedures to have implemented and to implement?

-. What to do in a future World of battles for substrate if commerce and diplomatic ties fail?

-. Education and indoctrination is a Military procedure. Chinese style government is a guarantee of power control. Democracy and modern socialism has to have a Dictatorial good central power, though secret, to avoid the open power overthrow of the Executive possible evil President. Or this by any other component of Government, like the Military, National Guard, FBI, CIA, Pentagon, or other. Well guided Democracy is for the bettering of the system and human component.

-. There is Military equipment and jets that should not ever go fully out of production, only improved. As they are final strategic models that cannot be bettered much, other than engines, etc. But light metals is an asset.

-. Stealth is strategic in all fields, and not always is it good for the enemy to know your full power or secrets!

-. Never doubt that all has not been written in a book or presented in a Theatre or TV Movie. You have to study and keep up to date in everything. Main Frame Blue Gene Computing is ever so hungry for more!

-. When outsmarted do not panic. Which is the next card or cards to play.

-. When we slumber the enemy is sowing the seeds of our destruction and doom.

-. All sayings are true sometimes, worse is when they are never true. Never forget that ignorance killed the cat! Though some cats swim and climb trees. The biggest mistake of a North American Puma was to finally run up a tree. A African Lion so called king of the jungle, dies too fighting or on the run, though bold and fierce.

-. When to take a stand or retreat, is also a Military study and strategy.

-. Religion in the Military and Government, is merely a customary activity, when there exists more intelligent ceremonies and prayers!

-. In the known game of Poker cards, even sheer luck can win. Or did all the other players play wrong?

-. Only in a Zoo are all animals in full containment. And even then one can get out or kill somebody.

-. Possibilities and Probabilities are not the same thing always. ("...Whereas probability theory uses a single number, the probability, to describe how likely an event is to occur, possibility theory uses two concepts, the possibility and the necessity of the event..." )

-. If something will never happen or cannot happen, how to prove you should not be prepared if you can?

-. Money sources and poverty governs this World. You can ask, when won't it?

-. If you do not outsmart your enemy, then join them, live among them! Is this even a possibility scenario? Maybe the United States of America doesn't.

-. Global migration of people's has been a factor or wanted to be a factor in World pacification and unity.

-. Somebody also said, and I do not know in what ways or manners, that if it can happen it will happen!

-. Sometimes everything does not follow the direct lines of cause and effect.

-. When our reality becomes more truthful and down to "earth", it does not mean that we all give up or decide to destroy ourselves or everything. Hence, ignorance in this modern World of many so called secrets of our Planet, does not really guarantee a continued life in this Planet.

-. That in the necessity of winning in War many military technologies were developed, though at a great human cost, does not mean there is more Science to be learned by this means! It is rather more of a self destructing make believe vicious cycle, where the damages get greater with less and fewer increases in knowledge and Science. This could be called the contrary Law to the Computer Law of Moore's: The Law of Self Destruction Inward Spiral of the Inverse of the Law of Moore's, ending in an infinitely small point of pointlessness!

-. Conventional warfare is basic military intelligence, and its major development. Underground livability  facilities are inclusively a necessity as the ants of the Story of King Solomon. (...the writings claim as to what do we learn from living beings...?)

-. Always be ready to learn from your mistakes, and to learn from mistakes that happen. Always remember there are mistakes that you cannot come back from. But the mistake is not as important as what to do after. If there is no good after and outcome, why fall into the mistake, or why ignore of the mistake?

-. The big logic problem is to not be misguided or tricked by appearances. It is true but not always that when you are haughty and strong beware lest you fall into doom, disdain, and denial, and then your destruction follow after.

-. There is a big distance between nice sayings of somebody and reality. Hence don't be the one to say the last famous words, that are not real or are really worthless to your reality and being. Unless they be true even though you be not that true.

-. Parliamentary Monarchies seem to be more stable power wise, and I would agree.

-. Democracies as such, cannot be fully open to power grabs. Although you would wish a good better power grab, that is not the general rule of the balance of good and evil and the 2nd Law of Political Thermodynamics.

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